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Hi all,

I've cloned the IDE and modified DiscourseFormat to factor out the format specific parts. I did this to create an export option for MediaWiki as that's what we use at Cambridge Makespace (www.makespace.org) and I want to be able to easily copy code into our wiki pages. As a side effect it's now much easier to add new cut and paste formats, just extend AbstractDiscourseFormat and add the appropriate menu hooks into Editor.

I'd like to submit a pull request, but it seems I've got a lot of formatting noise from Eclipse - is there a configuration for the Java formatter I can use so I don't end up creating huge diffs purely down to indentation and similar?

The changes are applied to the IDE-1.5.x branch and can be seen at https://github.com/tomoinn/Arduino/tree/ide-1.5.x/app/src/processing/app/tools - in particular AbstractDiscourseFormat and its three concrete subclasses.



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