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hi all,

how to connect any other microcontroller to arduino like i2c/wire????

please help...

jack wp


Why would you want to connect any other microcontroller to arduino ?
Do you have one in mind? Give us some more details so we don't have to guess.


hi sir,

I am using cypress cy8c29466 microcontoller because of its high resolution ADC.
But I have no idea why its not working in I2C with arduino.

Can you help me ????


jack wp

What arduino board are you using? some use different pins? What pins are you using?
What is the I2C address of the slaves?
Upload your script (use code tags), If you have not yet, read "how to use this forum" for more info.

What is the ADC resolution you are requiring?
I tried looking at for ADC resolution

PWMs (8 to 32 bit)
PWMs with Dead band (8 to 32 bit)
Counters (8 to 32 bit)
Timers (8 to 32 bit)
UART 8 bit with selectable parity (up to 4)
SPI master and slave (up to 4 each)
I2C slave and multi-master (1 available as a System Resource)
Cyclical Redundancy Checker/Generator (8 to 32 bit)
IrDA (up to 4)
Pseudo Random Sequence Generators (8 to 32 bit)

It was not in Features that I saw?



I found that cy8c29466 will not connect with arduino.So can u tell me that is it possible to increase adc resolution of analoge input of arduino.

jack wp

What is the ADC resolution you are requiring?



I2C Protocol specifies that there are 2 "roles"   SLAVE (or listener)  and MASTER (or controller)   Because of this... micro-controller instances are "controllers".  You likely were trying to get a master to control a master...

A ready to go ADC is available from ADAFRUIT.



How about a MCP3202 (http://www.farnell.com/datasheets/1669376.pdf)?

It gives you a 12bit resolution with a 100ksps sampling speed.

If that doesn't fit, specify what you need.


can you suggest any IC that has i2c interface and 12bit resolution.(ADC)

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