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Great Forum!! 

I have a Uno-R3 (w/ Wi-Fi and Relay Shield) for my little project.  I would like to get a Due, but seems that Wi-Fi library is not yet ready (I can use Ethernet Shield for now). 

However, I am not sure whether there is any Relay Shield works w/ Due.  I have this 4-channel Relay Shield: (http://www.amazon.com/4-Channel-Relay-Shield-for-Arduino/dp/B007JOEVNW/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1378770573&sr=8-5&keywords=Arduino+Relay), and it works perfectly with Uno-R3.   I am mainly concerned about the 3.3V vs. 5V..   If you can share your (any) Relay Shield experience with Due, greatly appreciate it.

Thank you!


I have that relay shield.  Judging from the schematic, there are no 5V outputs from the shield connected to Due I/O pins, so it should be safe.  The inputs are optically isolated, so that will protect the Due from any voltage spikes coming from the relays.  Just don't plug any 5V devices into the 7-pin wireless SIP socket, as those outputs would connect to Due pins.

I'll have a closer look when I get home tonight and let you know if I see any problems.

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