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Before embarking on a GLCD port to the PIC32 for use on Olimex Pinguino / chipKIT Arduino 'like' base boards, I'm looking to see if anyone else has either done it, started it or is about to start it.

If you know of an existing completed port of part complete port could you please provide links to code or fork?

Many thanks


The Arduino variant of u8glib (http://code.google.com/p/u8glib/) also runs on the ChipKit board (well, at least it should run and it did run in the past, but i was to lazy to test the latest release of u8glib with the chipkit board).

U8glib supports KS0108 based displays, however note, that you can not connect the KS0108 to the ChipKit board directly, because the output levels are at 3.3V which are too less for the KS0108 controller. In fact i never got my KS0108 display work with my ChipKit Uno. However, Displays based on the ST7920 or ST7565 controller are known to work.

Hope this helps,


Hi Oliver,
Thanks for the reply. I am interested in porting the latest GLCD so that the same library can be used on Atmel and PIC32 based Arduino style boards. This has less to do with wanting to get a KS0108 based project up and running for a given project and more to do with a teaching aid.

A basic level shifting shield will be used for the PIC32 based boards, so the logic levels are taken care of  :)

Many thanks


Ok, then it might be better to ask Bill (author of GLCDv3) directly. As far as i know he planned to work on some updates.



A basic level shifting shield will be used for the PIC32 based boards, so the logic levels are taken care of  :)

But PIC32 have 5v tolerant inputs right? So you shouldn't need to do any level shifting.
The glcd inputs should work fine with the 3v level outputs and the 5V tolerant PIC32 inputs
should work fine with the glcd 5v outputs.

To me that is one of the REALLY BIG deals and advantages of the PIC32 based boards over the DUE.
I don't see the value for the DUE board when compared to the PIC32 boards.
And for personal small projects  I'd much rather use a PIC32MX250F128B part
than an AVR atmega328P.

BTW, I sent you detailed PM about GLCD support happenings and chipkit support.

--- bill

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