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Author Topic: Arduino 1.5.4 released  (Read 740 times)
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the version 1.5.4 is released. This version should fix most of the issues seen with libraries, in particular there was a bug in the windows installer that doesn't correctly uninstall the previous version of the IDE before installing the new one.

here the changelog:

ARDUINO 1.5.4 BETA 2013.09.10

* Revert to English locale if the system default is not available
* Added support for Arduino Yun
* Autodetect of boards connected to each serial port
* Network upload and discovery for Arduino Yun

* sam: fixed wrong SPI initialization (noblepepper)
* updated all instances of Adafruit_GFX to the latest version
* added libraries for Arduino Yun

* avr: fixed bug introduced with recent optimizations in HardwareSerial (atmega8 cpu) (darryl)



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Great! Thank you for your constant updating!
But please, in the next release, fix the I2C libraries for the DUE   smiley-lol

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