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the version 1.5.4 is released. This version should fix most of the issues seen with libraries, in particular there was a bug in the windows installer that doesn't correctly uninstall the previous version of the IDE before installing the new one.

here the changelog:

Code: [Select]

ARDUINO 1.5.4 BETA 2013.09.10

* Revert to English locale if the system default is not available
* Added support for Arduino Yun
* Autodetect of boards connected to each serial port
* Network upload and discovery for Arduino Yun

* sam: fixed wrong SPI initialization (noblepepper)
* updated all instances of Adafruit_GFX to the latest version
* added libraries for Arduino Yun

* avr: fixed bug introduced with recent optimizations in HardwareSerial (atmega8 cpu) (darryl)



Great! Thank you for your constant updating!
But please, in the next release, fix the I2C libraries for the DUE   XD

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