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HI all
i am completely new to Audriono and electronics  making
i'am learning python and i'am willing to buy Audrino

While i was searching the internet and i found this

Uno is about 20$ and ArduinoStarterKit is about 110$
My question is what do u think i should buy ? the ArduinoStarterKit or UNO or other thing ?

PS: i have to buy Audrino from another neighbour country cuz my country is a piece of s**t so i can't buy pieces every day and anther so if i must buy extra stuff with the Audriono  please tell me cuz i dont have a chance to go another time till a year.

thanks in advanced


Well if you want all the various bits that you might want to play with and not have to chase them later, it might be wise to buy the starter kit.  That is why they offer it.

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