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Hardware : arduino mega 2560 R3
Software : arduino 1.0.5 with duinos V0.4

I load the duinos software with svn and I replace port.c, keyboards.txt and boards.txt
All projects compile very well.
But when I load the blink in basic example (file -> example -> basic -> blink), and when I select mega 2560 board, the led blink every second -> no problem.
But when I select mega250+Duinos board -> the led blink very fast ...

Moreover, I feel that the Serial.println function doesn't work correctly ...

Do you have any ideas for help me ?
Thanks in advance,


I read a lot forums and texts about Duinos.
But with my board arduino Mega 2560, Duinos RTOS doesn't work.
So, it doesn't exist a real time OS (open source) with arduino 2560 which works ...
It is blocking for my.
Is there someone who succeed with a RTOS ?


For Arduino Mega 2560 users, I suggest you the ardOs Ide for RTOS. It works very well.
You can load here :

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