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 I am looking for a 320x240 reflective LCD to be able to display data in bright light. I am aware of the Kent Display but I am not really convinced by the 2sec screen update timings. I'd display large digits with updates every 0.5secs.




What i am trying to do is to 'replicate' this http://www.velocitek.com/products/SC-1 .

Ran Talbott

It seems like you don't really need 320x240 resolution:  that display is mostly just 7-segment digits.

You can get old Palm III-vintage PDAs cheap, and they have 160x160 screens that are good in bright light.  You can use an app like PalmOrb (either as-is, or customizing it,  since it's open-source) to turn it into a serial LCD.


any ideas on where I could get such 7-segment digits? I mean reflective ones?

Ran Talbott

any ideas on where I could get such 7-segment digits?

You should be able to find raw displays through regular vendors like Mouser or Digi-key,  or from surplus sellers,  but they usually don't have modules with driver circuits (except for digital voltmeters).  It'd be easier,  and quite possibly cheaper,  to buy a used PDA like the Palm that's considered "obsolete" than to make a circuit with drivers.  Plus you can do fun stuff like a graphic compass display by writing code for the Palm.

(I just remembered an exception: I did see one module on ebay that I'd bookmarked.  Haven't bought one, though, so I don't know how good it is.)

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