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The Arduino in my project will read the signals from phototransistors to measure a drum stick's motion in front of a light. The computer will estimate the future time when the drum stick will hit a drumhead. The stick only travels two inches while casting a shadow across two or more photo sensors. Each drum is less than 24 inches in diameter, so the light is short range. The drum stick travels at 2 meters per second and before the stick hits the head, the Arduino senses the phototransistor output changing when the stick is two inches from the head. When it has fallen to one inch from the drumhead, the last input signal is given to the Arduino and calculations must be done long before the stick hits the head, one inch away. That is about 11ms for Arduino to estimate the impact timing and to drive output signals in advance of that impact to influence the phase of the vibrating drum head.

Please recommend a device I can buy which has phototransistors or photodiodes in a line about 1 inch long.

Examples :

Osi Optoelectronics, A2V-16, photodiode array with 16 diodes in a line 1 inch long.
Side-Looking Dual phototransistor WD-PT20 from Win Strong, Taiwan
Osram Optical semiconductor, Germany, BPX83, three phototransistors in one package, linear array
American MicroSemiconductor, Optek Technology, Fairchild Optoswitch, Vishay, NTE Electronics, Inc.

Which optical sensor will you recommend?

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