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if (anHeight>analogRead(an)>anLow){
Are you aware of the left-to-right evaluation rule?
Should there be two comparisons and an "&&" there instead?
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It works like this too.. But not this is the question.


Ok thank you for the adveices, I will coretct the fails, but now i don't know how can I measure the 0 volt (standby state of alarm zone response led)

If you are getting random voltages when the alarm output is 0, add a high value pull down resistor (maybe 50k or 100k) with one end of the resistor connected between the alarm output and the arduino analog input pin, and the other end of the resistor connected to the arduino ground.
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    if (anHeight>analogRead(an)>anLow){

It works like this too.. But not this is the question.

It should be. That won't do what it looks to you like it is doing. Fix it, I suggest.
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