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I'm kind of new to the delivery end of this... I would love any help or advice! I'm even willing to do the work of assembling the parts my self if it will save money. I just need to know that it works before I order a bunch of PCBs.  Its for a small run of about 100 to 500 pieces.

I'm looking for help with designing a custom PCB with manufacturing and assailable. I have rough schematics for test and working designs.

I'm not sure if I should be looking for a one stop shop, or its simple enough to get a little bit of help and do it on my own.

Her is a quick rundown of my project:

The Build -
An atmega with a 12 volt motor driver.

Notes -
The ability to still program the atmega with external programer
Access to all unused atmega pins
Use small SMD parts as possible

Power -
regulated 5 volt for atmega, and a couple of other small input devices
12 volt stepup for a motor driver (Regulated if possible)

Parts -
small package atmega 328p
motor driver for single dc motor LMD18201T

Thanks again for any help or input!


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I recently contacted ruggedcircuits.com (it is more like one stop shop) for my custom Arduino Shield design they are really professional guys replies are quick and they will guide you properly
They charge hourly base that means you can reduce total cost by eliminating initial steps & putting some more effort by yourself If you donot have good understanding of circuits or you think your circuit is bit tricky or complex than I suggest you to contact them

In my case I already had tested circuit design However it does has a requirement to be customized  into he form of Arduino shield therefore I couldn't afford the estimated price So for now I decided to work more over the circuit myself upto the prototype phase


So you just need a promini equivalent with an H-bridge chip?
Seems pretty straightforward.
Can on your own, company like www.cbas-usa.inc in CA can do the assembly for you with pick & place machine for parts placement & reflow soldering.
You drop ship all parts & boards, they send back assembled cards via your Fedex account (easy to create one, fedex bills your CC when the account is used).
Are you familiar with eagle PCB software from cadsoftusa.com?
If not, I could design this card for you very quickly.
Pretty much add ardiuno circuit to this design and find a big old heatsink for it.
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