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Got a Mega1280 board, and I've set the reference voltage to 1.1
I've got an input on analog pin 5 that is within range.
My code reads the pin every second or so.

On the serial monitor, I get a reading every second for the first 5 or 10 seconds and then it's just 0 forever after.

Do I need to take into account something like letting the analog input reset, or read slower? I have the feeling I'm "overwhelming" the input...?



If you're using the AREF input as your reference, you need to declare it in your setup.

The analog inputs get "saturated" at +5v which will read as 1024 when you read the analog in.

Hope maybe this helps.


No, I'm using this:



That should be OK. Check that you have nothing connected to the Aref pin, and post your code. What is driving the analog input?
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