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Hi folks,

I'm completely new to all this so I'd really appreciate some advice.
Basically, I'm going to build a mount that needs a stepper motor turning at 1rpm.

I was told - "you can achieve that with a stepper motor hooked upto an Arduino.

So, I ordered my Arduino, Stepper motor+driver board which got delivered today.

Now, here's where I need some help, how do I go about connecting the driver board to my Arduino ?
Can I just flip it and plug the pins directly into the Arduino (so no use of wires?).

Also, what power supply should I be using?
As the device is portable I was hoping to use just battery power (possibly 9v ??)

Here what I was hoping to do -

Am I on the right track .... or miles away !??!

Thanks for reading.


I am guessing it is an h bridge? If yes, u can connect the pin directly and control the motor, by changing states of the pin...

For power, i recommend u use two power supllies grounded together(one for arduino the other for the motor..


Google 'Barn Door Camera Mount'
No arduino needed, no stepper needed,,,
uses Syncronous motor.
Works pretty good,  The heaver you can make it, the better it works (less jitter).


On the power, yes, you can technically use a 9V battery, but you may run into some unexpected behavior.  Motors are very noisy, and tying a motor power supply to the digital power could introduce some weird affects on the arduino as it picks up to noise.  Ideally you would separate them out somehow, but it might work if you put significant filtering (At least a few caps of varying sizes), before you feed the 9V to the Arduino.

If you are willing to put some money into it, I would get 2 separate rechargeable batteries, a 'big one' for the motor and  a littler one for the arduino.


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Hmmm, this is turning into a bigger thing than I thought.
Is there no real way of connecting them and powering them off the one battery?

All I need it to do is turn 1rpm, that's all.
Was really trying to keep the cost down as those heavy duty batteries would set me back a fair chunk of change.

Would anyone be able to tell me what and where I need to wire these driver board in (as in, what slots do I need wires etc.)


This page has wiring and code for that motor: http://arduino-info.wikispaces.com/SmallSteppers

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