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But I am not sure on how I could connect that to the arduino.

seeing as this is a 10k thermistor.. this tutorial directly applies here.


I think the part linked to above will be your best bet... as it has all the seals and everything built it :)


okay thanks!
and you are one hundred percent sure that it is simply a thermistor?
Will the arduino have good enough ADC resolution to pick up minor changes in water temperature? i.e +/- 0.5 degree Celsisus


That wouldn't work as I am trying to get the temperature of the water in the loop.

Metal housing will follow the temperature of the water quite fast as metal is a conductor.
If you do not have any metal parts you have to drill a hole in some pipe, insert the sensor and kit it watertight.
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thanks but no thanks!  :smiley-sweat:
that is way too risky for me and waaay beyond my ability and comfort zone.


im 100% positive that is IS a thermistor. 10k ohm is a measure of resistance. Its also typical of a average thermistor.

The arduino will return values of 0-1023... its up to you to determine what the actual temp is. google "Arduino thermistor" there is a great tutorial with code that does a good enough job  of turning the analog values in to an actual temp.

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