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I have set up the CmdMessenger example sketch on my Arduino Mega 2560.
When I hook the arduino up to my PC and open the serial monitor, I get the initial '1,Arduino ready;' message appear in my serial monitor.

When I send example data to the arduino from my serial monitor, nothing is sent back. It's as if the arduino doesn't recognise the command, or even acknowledge receipt of any data at all.
I have tried sending '4,hi,heh,ho!;' and '5;' etc.

I have tried all of the different line ending options in the serial monitor. The baud rate is correct. The LED flashes constantly as expected.



Post the code YOU are using, rather than a link to it.
The art of getting good answers lies in asking good questions.


I installed a separate serial terminal application (Realterm), and this communicates no problem;
I forgot to mention that I'm using Sublime Text as my Arduino IDE with the Stino plugin. There must be a bug in the serial monitor.

My completed project will be receiving the serial commands from Python running on a Raspberry Pi so I should be okay.
Thanks for your time.

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