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Mr. Swarf

Glad to help  :) I would strongly suggest that you use common anode though, makes it much easier!

Count on it. Thank you.



I think the problem is that dp_bit is local and reset every time the function is called, try

static byte dp_bit = 0;

Actually using the ^= instead of != should work exactly the same because the DP bit in hour will always be 0 before the operation.
Rob Gray aka the GRAYnomad www.robgray.com


Sorted the problem. It needed to be:
Code: [Select]
outputChar(character[hour] ^ dp_bit);

not ^=

I couldn't see why the next 10's minute digit was also being affected and why when I added the static to dp_bit it caused this weird 3 way random brightness flash. By using ^= put the result back into the byte held in the character[] the hour was using, which is why it actually flashed when static dp_bit wasn't used. As the 10's minute was using the same number, on the next run round it also had the DP switched on.

Using the ^ now only applies the result at the time the procedure is called :)

Many thanks for all your help!


Doh! + sound of hand slapping forehead  ::)

Well done, yes that would have had some interesting affects. It's the sort of dumb error I make all the time but normally it's in the code I'm working on and it's fixed 2 minutes later. Much harder debugging code with a 5-hour turn around.
Rob Gray aka the GRAYnomad www.robgray.com


Much harder debugging code with a 5-hour turn around.

I know  ;D But thanks again!

Although now I feel guilty and have to look at the rest of my code to tidy it up :D Already cleaned the main loop, not sure why I had so many IF statements all doing the same thing!! And calling displayOut in every result?! Saved about 50 bytes i think.

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