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I going to explain how to work the Arduino Due with MPU-9150 (9 Degrees of Freedom - MPU-9150 Breakout) from Sparkfun and MPU9150Lib from Pansenti.

The Library:
You can download the Library from: https://github.com/Pansenti/MPU9150Lib

To install the library, please follow the tutorial http://arduino.cc/en/Guide/Libraries
I use the manual installation. Inside the zip file, there a directory called "libraries", use it!!

We only need 4 pin conection

Arduino Due           MPU-9150
3.3V                      VCC
GND                       GND
SDA (pin 20)           SDA
SCL (pin 21)           SCL

The Sketch:
The final step is run the example sketch from the library with Due support.
From the zip file, there a special sketck with Due support, you can find this in directory called "Due9150"

The Output:


Some time we can receive a "Error Message" from the console, to fix the problem, unplug the Arduino (turn off) and conect again (turn on).
For more details, please read the documentation.

;) enjoy it!!!


Thanks for all, but I received some error in the compiling:
"In file included from ...\Arduino\libraries\DueFlash/flash_efc.h:48,
                 from ...\Arduino\libraries\DueFlash/DueFlash.h:29,
                 from Due9150.ino:5:
...\Arduino\libraries\DueFlash/efc.h:116: error: 'Efc' was not declared in this scope
...\Arduino\libraries\DueFlash/efc.h:116: error: 'p_efc' was not declared in this scope
....\Arduino\libraries\DueFlash/efc.h:116: error: expected primary-expression before 'ul_access_mode'
....\Arduino\libraries\DueFlash/efc.h:116: error: expected primary-expression before 'ul_fws'"
and on, and on, and on...
How can I fix the problems? so much thanks.  :)



I am thinking about to buy MPU6050. Can I use the same code of 9050 for my 6050?


These libraries are gone :(
Can anyone send them to me?
info at 3dsolutions dot ca

Thanks in advance :)


The old Pansenti libraries are available again at https://github.com/richards-tech/MPU9150Lib and https://github.com/richards-tech/linux-mpu9150. The repos had to be reorganized - sorry about that!

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