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I was wonder how to wire up an old 3.5 floppy drive motor. I'm I right in thinking that this motor is a small stepper motor? I have already taken the motor out and it only has four wires. I thought stepper motors had six??

I have no clue. noobie here. I just wanted to play around with one.


I also want to control my 3,5" floppy (bipolar) stepper motor. I already tried it but it doesn't turn, it only schockes from left to right.

I also have a unipolar stepper motor but I tried this:

I don't know how to connect te wires. When I connect the yellow, black, brown and orange to the digital ports and the red one to the ground, it turns. But when I disconnect the red wire it still turns, without a connection to the ground. It doesn't have much torgh too.


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Ok first how many wires does your stepper have?


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The floppy stepper motor has 4 wires and the unipolar stepper motor has 5 wires. I think the bipolar stepper motor doens't work because you also have to change current per coil.

For the unipolar stepper motor I found this website to find out wich wires is are wich:


The motor that I got was from an old floppy drive with four wires. what kind of motor is this??


nevermind it's bipolar. does any one want to share some sample code for a jump start?? thanks


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The Arduino can't directly drive motors, so you will first need a driver , to amplify the signals from the Arduino to a level useful for the motor.
All the exciting details about a good bipolar driver are here:



You can drive a floppy step motor directly from the arduino. BUT you need to keep the floppy controller board.  The control has a 5V logic interface that controls the steps, the direction and the home position sensor.  I had to read all 3 of these before I understood it.


5.25 and 3.5 drives have the same wiring just a different connector style
You can also hack the disk motor and the sensors


Has anyone tried harddrive motors? Will they work, too?

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