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Hi all, another case of "tell me what I'm thinking" please :-)

I want to use a rotary input like a pot to send a value to the Arduino.

I'll set a max and min but want to be able to rotate freely, i.e. the knob can continue to turn even after I have hit the min/max and it will take multiple turns to move from one extreme to the other.

I guess I'll just be sending an "I'm moving THIS way" or "I'm moving THAT way" signal.  Like a mouse wheel?

Not sure what component need though..can anyone advise?  Many thanks.


Sounds like you want to google rotary encoder.


Do your self a service and get an optical rotary encoder and save the trouble of debouncing a mechanical one.



Exactly what I was looking for and the Playground link gives some really useful explanations thankyou.

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