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Hi all,
had a little play with the DS touch screen and successfully read it into a Processing sketch.

Looking to work with a larger touchscreen but having trouble finding a source, pref in UK to reduce costs. Perhaps 7+" diagonal? Doesn't need LCD etc, I only need the touch functionality

Any pointers much appreciated.


This is on ebay at the minute.



Thanks for the reply.
Looks like I may have to import.

I've been using the breakout board for (sparkfun I think) for the DS screens but looks like these ones have 5 contacts (DS has 4) so that isn't going to work.

Any useful connection tips?  I fried a DS screen trying to solder directly to the lead.


Conductive wire glue?

Sorry, I can't be much help - this is getting too advanced for me?


I guess another pretty critical question would be what the pinouts are for a 5 wire screen?  Anyone had a play with one?


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