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Unlike Palliser http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=131096.0 I don't want to use the built in CAN-capability of the Arduino Dues uC but to use an external shield along with a existing library like
- http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php/topic,8730.0.html
- http://code.google.com/p/skpang/downloads/detail?name=Canbus_v1.zip or
- https://github.com/franksmicro/Arduino/tree/master/libraries/MCP2515

Since all existing Arduino CAN-Shields work at 5V I thought, that maybe I could use this one http://shop.embedded-projects.net/product/GNUBLIN_Module-CAN_(3.3V_Transceiver)?

Why I believe it should work
- works @ 3,3V
- uses the same CAN-Chip (MCP2515) and therefore
- uses SPI to communicate with uC

Why that solution might not work
- uses different CAN-Driver (SN65HVD230)
-Any other reasons I didn't think of?

Any kind of suggestions and thoughts is appreciated!

Thank you very much in advance


Now, I could be a slight bit biased but... why on Earth would you want to do this?! You want to ignore the fact that the processor has built-in support for canbus and use something else that won't ever quite be able to match the performance? You seem to realize that it will be a major pain to do what you're trying to do but still you persist in wanting to do it. So, is there some reason you can't use the built-in canbus support and just add the very small amount of extra hardware it takes to use what you've already got? I've used the canbus on the Due with just a cheap protoshield for Arduinos and a couple of chips. It really isn't that hard.


Since I will have all parts laying around anyways, I just wanted to try every alternative out (believe me, there are even stranger ones). I'm currently only generating possibilites. But thank you very much for your opinion! Maybe I just go for the protoshield ... ;)


Don't understand this, too. The SAM3X is a gorgeous machine with two CAN modules and 8 mailboxes each. Against all that comfort the stone-age old 2515 is really a weak machine (I have some PIC18F458 which has the exact same CAN engine).
And don't forget: It is by no means sure that your Uno code is running on the Due without additional, well, sometimes hair scuffling modfications.
Wether you use the 230, 231 or 234 CAN transceiver is almost unimportant. They only differ in minorities like chip enable line or loopbck mode. Even the MCP2551 (with some tweaks) can be used.


Sep 30, 2013, 10:46 pm Last Edit: Sep 30, 2013, 10:58 pm by menecken2 Reason: 1

And don't forget: It is by no means sure that your Uno code is running on the Due without additional, well, sometimes hair scuffling modfications.

true! Forgot about that.

Thanks Transistorfips! I'm gonna start with that http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=131096.msg1019925#msg1019925 schematic.


Yes let's get more users, libraries, and contributors using the built in CAN controllers! The info and people on this forum can help you.
Dan - www.togglebit.net - Arduino DUE proto shields - Arduino DUE CAN shields

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