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Thomas Jespersen

It's good to see that you phokur have "refurbished" the code, making it faster.
When I get home I'll update the library with the changes...
In the meanwhile I hope others can get their display working using this code - but I still don't think I can get mine working :(

Please help...
Need any help with your electronics projects?
TKJ Electronics, a consultancy company located in Denmark (Europe), has the required ex


Woot, thanks for the updates Phokur :)
I got a couple questions, I've tried looking up some other libraries from other LCD libraries to see how to create a Menu.. with no luck.. I can generally take some code and tweak it to my own.
I experimented (and failed horribly) with using if  and trying to use some switch  functions, using a potentiometer to highlight text depending on the value.. and a button to start an application of sorts, haha but yeah.. no luck.
If somebody could point me in the right area, maybe some books, videos, anything for my newbness! :D

(I don't understand how the code made the text bigger.. reading all the 0xFFs and << & | throws me off real fast and I get overwhelmed lol:/)


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I've done a few changes to the code, it now all shows up in the right colors on my screen, its not perfect yet, but is a start. Still working out the locations of drawing boxes. Feel free to add/change it. Major changes were I changed the colors to word type rather than byte, allowing it to send in  full color (reds were absent before in the initial code), I also changed some of the fill sizes, as for some reason, it only filled when i went from 0 to 160 square in my draw window. I've also added a few comments as to what values have an effect in certain commands.


@CaptainObvious, best place to look is in the example code on the arduino site. If you have any specific questions on how things work, feel free to ask, but IMHO the most fun part about using arduinos is the ability to experiment and find out new things.


Thomas Jespersen

Hi everybody.
Now I'm home again and I've just set up the LCD project using a 74HC4050 for the level conversion and hurray, it showed me that it was alive!

But still, the LCD shows me the same crap as blip's (look at his image)
Does anyone know how to fix that, or atleast what is causing that?
Need any help with your electronics projects?
TKJ Electronics, a consultancy company located in Denmark (Europe), has the required ex


I'm working on and will post a code update here this weekend.  I'm using the Sparkfun breakout board.  Can anyone tell me if using 9V to VBat will hurt the board or LCD?
Thanks! :-/

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