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Hi! I would like to share my latest project  :)

I developed an Arduino compatible pcb that fits in an PS3 dualshock controller housing.

With this controller it is then possible to control robots, planes, helicopters, drones and cars via an Xbee or Wi-Fi module attached to the pcb. I created an example with an RC car, please see this movie:


I can control the car to about a mile distance! If the car hits a bump the controller will start to vibrate (Force feedback!).

When using a Xbee PRO module it is possible to control things over a long range. The controller hardware and software are open. It is possible to upload Arduino sketches via the usb port. This makes it possible to assign buttons to whatever I want. The controller doesn't consume any power in standby mode :)

If you want to read more about the project, please read my blog:
Part 1: http://www.proofofprinciple.nl/index.php/ps3-rc
Part 2: http://www.proofofprinciple.nl/index.php/ps3-rc-2

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