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I went to an event last week and experimented with the Arduino for the first time. I planned to slowly make progress through following projects other people have successed with. However, this morning a friend with MS fell out of bed when I was staying over and I hearing the calls for help got their partner to help them back into bed. My thinking is that some sensors on a floor mat sending signals to a table lamp in another room to go and off a few times would be useful. OK sending a text message would be good but I expect that is too advanced.

If you can point me in the direction of resources that would give me instructions on a fairly simple solution that would be appreciated.

Many thanks.


not really a starter project, especially the TEXT message is not trivial.
Best advice I can give is to go first through the tutorial section to familiarize yourself with the Arduino and what can be done with it and how. (takes a week or two at most).

Then you should break up the project in smaller steps.

1) investigate what sensors there exist to detect the person falling out of bed.
- detectors on the floor (think e.g. burglar detection, or IR movement detection )
- or detectors in bed (weight does disappear)
- probably you need a RealTime Clock (RTC) to see at what time it happens. SOmeone leaving the bed at 04:00 is different tha at 08:00
(and of course how to connect these to Arduino! .

Then you need to learn something about communication (wireless I think) to sent an event to another Arduino  that will inform another person.

When you have more concrete questions, don't hesitate to ask.

Rob Tillaart

Nederlandse sectie - http://arduino.cc/forum/index.php/board,77.0.html -
(Please do not PM for private consultancy)

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