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So I bought two steppers on ebay for ten bucks and It turns out there "mini steppers" -  which is annoying but ok. The problem is I cant get them to work with my Adafruit motoshield v1. I found a data sheet for one of the steppers Here it is: http://imgur.com/W7rXif0. I highlighted my stepper in red. Can anyone help me get this working? How many steps per rev is this thing?



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Hi, okay on the steppers and  your setup, can you post a circuit diagram and if possible  picture of the component arrangement as well as your sketch for the arduino.
This will help in getting as much information as possible, so that we can help you.
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Step angle is 0.9 degrees (information from data sheet) so steps per rev is 360/0.9 = 400


They are spec'd for 5.6V if driven from an H-bridge, that motor shield probably
drops 2 or so volts, so a 7.5V supply is about right.

You won't get much speed from them though, they have highish resistance windings
and are only 0.9 deg/step.  Driving them from 24V or more with a chopper driver like
the A4988 will allow much faster operation should that matter.

You need to identify the two windings and take each winding to one of the H-bridges
on the shield.
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Thanks so much guys. This was really helpful.

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