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Get a dog.

Dogs produce an audible signal when postmen approach (and many other, non-moped-powered tradesmen as well...)
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Can someone post a picture of what an Aussie post box looks like?  My American box is an extruded "D" shape flipped on its side sticking from a post in the ground.  Not at all the same kind of animal, I take it, since there's no way anything's getting in without opening the lid.

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I guess modifications to postie are out of the question?

Why would that be out of the question?  Our postmen have always been friendly and willing to help (albeit not with this sort of problem).  Seems like a good use of a small RFID tag.


I presume the OP is aware of the active 'Aussie' based campaign on IGG?

google 'postifier'

...small world   ;)


How about lining your mailbox with foil and using capacative coupling to detect the presence of mail?


I like that postfinder thingy, it uses as someone already suggested an IR sensor, but yeah our postman is fast... you hear him but you don't see him lol, dogs can't bark at something that they can only briefly see for a few seconds (unless he stops) lol


Our postman used to give our dogs treats, they would go out and sit by the mailbox waiting for him to arrive.

UPS guy wouldn't get out of his truck tho!
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