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Hi everyone,

I'd like to know if it could be possible to make an active transmitter of some sort(as opposed to passive RFID tags) that transmits my personal access card's signal(or whatever) such that when I walk up to a door, it unlocks before I get to it. For discussion purposes, say 5 feet away. Is this possible given the fundamental theory of how RFID works?? Also my card(s) are HID brand. These are the kind of cards I will be working with.

Any links to GOOD literature on how to work with RFID cards and related are certainly welcome. I have read through the wikipedia page, but I couldn't answer my question with the information there.

Assuming that this idea doesn't get shot down, I'll be posting images and code as I go along.



Would that work with pre-installed rfid readers?

Jonathan Oxer

Yes, it's been done before many times for RFID spoofing. One of the best pages I've seen on the subject is this one:


Look about half way down the page where he explains how he built an active RFID spoofer that uses its own oscillator to send out a high-power signal rather than relying on modulating the signal from the reader.
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I always wanted one of these, but for it's too expensive for me for only tinkering around:

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