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HI all, I'm working on a project where I'd ideally like to have an arduino wirelessly connnected to the internet via wifi sending information over the internet to another arduino wirelessly connected to a different network which receives the information.

So that being said could you help me understand what sort of hardware and software I'd need step by step?
In other words:
Step 1: How should I connect the arduino to the wifi (what hardware and software allow information to wirelessly be transmitted).
Step 2: How could I then transmit this information to someone else's network.
Step 3: And finally have this information be transmitted to an arduino via wifi.

I have zero background in networking (literally, zero) and a small background with Arduino and coding  so if you could explain a lot of basic terms as you use them like TCP/IP , or shield for arduinos, that'd be great.


I have zero background in networking

Then, I'm afraid that this is not the project for you.
The art of getting good answers lies in asking good questions.


This is my project that can help you

U can create a online database where First arduino write data and Secon Adrduino read data

[First Arduino] >> WRITE >> [dataino.it] <<<< READ [Second Arduino]

follow this example step by step and have a code for the second Aduino http://www.dataino.it/help/document_tutorial.php?id=12

change the command http and have a Writer arduino

READ Value:

SET Value:

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