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I am tryinng to put my arduino Due in low power mode.

I have managed to put the processor in backup mode and wait mode. And using a timer RTT to wake up it.

In backup mode, power consumption decreases substantially.

However, in the wait mode, power consumption remains exactly as in normal operation. How i could decrease power consumption in wait mode? Could anybody help me?

Thank you,

P.D. My appologise for my bad English.


could you post the code please?
i'm working on a similar application, (arduino due on wait mode until some serial data arrive)
this is the code i wrote, it enters the wait mode but does not exit. did you find any solution?
Code: [Select]

boolean flag;
void setup()

void loop()
    Serial.println("cci tua");

  flag = 1;


I've done a few experiments measuring power consumption on DUE.  Running blink sketch (4s period) and power by USB, DUE consumes  115.1ma/116.5ma (board LED off/on).  If I power via Vin, I measure 79.2/80.2 (off/on ma)

Powered via Vin, pmc_enable_backupmode() consumes 18.6ma,  pmc_enable_sleepmode(0) in loop() consumes 60.5 ma, presumably coming out of sleep by timer interrupts.  pmc_enable_waitmode() consumes 78.3ma, so it doesn't seem to be reducing power?

DUE specs suggest ARM chip:  sleep(29ma),wait(23ua),backup(2.5ua)
Of course DUE board has ATMEGA16US, voltage reguators and various LEDs



After several experiments with Due i think that if you want low power you should not use Due.

Due has many regulators, resistors, chips, etc that you can't control. The SAM3 ship has several power line to power several parts of the chip separately. But in Arduino Due all of them are joined together.

I think that the power save of the SAM3 chip is lost inside this circuit.

Now, when i want a low power application, i use the Arduino pro 3.3V.

Perhaps, Arduino should develop an equivalent to Arduino pro 3.3v with the SAM3 microcontroler.



SAM3X can go to <3ma in wait mode, but you need to shutdown and LEDs etc they use heaps of power

This is wahts on the DUE

There are several unused ports (IOs, ADCs, PLLs etc) that could be turned off to save power.Has anybody been able to develop some code to turn off unused stuff on Arduino board?

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