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Hi everyone,

I just got an old Philips TV which is this one :
Unfortunately I can't get the model number or anything.
I don't have the remote control either.

What I'm trying to do is control the TV using a LED thanks to the arduino.
I managed to send rc5 characters like 1, 2,... 9, standby, program +, program -,... But I have been looking for the menu ir code or the ok ir code, and I could not find it. Even by looking at these : http://c6000.spectrumdigital.com/davincievm/revf/files/msp430/rc5_codes.pdf I tried to use them but it did not work (nothing happened) whereas it should show up the menu.

Where is my problem?

My code is just :
Code: [Select]
irsend.sendRC5(j, 12);
Where j contains the ir code to send.

Does anyone have the same TV and could send me the raw code of the menu button and the OK button?

Thank you in advance.


you might check this project, they seem to have quite some codes working/analysed
- http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/analysir-ir-analyzer-decoder-with-arduino-raspberry-pi-and-mcu -
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