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I have soldered a standalone arduino on a custom pcb and  Ihave some problems with programming the Arduino by the IDE over a RS232 connection. I soldered the microcontroller to the dsub connector as shown as in this picture :
[note : I had nothig connected to the reset pin of the microcontroller]
When I tried to load a sketch on the microcontroller, it did not work. I found out later that I have to reset the microcontroller right before the IDE starts to send data to the microcontroller. I tried to do this with a BC548 transistor hooked up to the DTR signal from the RS232 which switches the reset pin to ground when DTR is high, but it didn't work too :smiley-roll-blue:
Schematic of my failed DTR reset circuit :

I hope someone can help me with this reset-problem  :)


DTR is created as a level. You need to turn it into a pulse.
Run it thru a 0.1uF (100nF) cap to the reset pin, reset pin needs a 10K pullup resistor.
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Put the capacitor in series with the 4k7 R1 in the present circuit.  Done!


The caps were delivered today. Connected them in series to R1 an it worked perfectly , Thanks!  8)

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