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Hi all,

 Browsing through the net I've seen some interesting POV (Persistance of Vision) projects using the Atmega 168.

Has anyone worked on a POV project with the arduino?

 I'm currently working on a performance piece and think it would be a nice touch to send some cues to the performers using POV, unfortunately, at the moment I don't have enough free time to read all the theory, documentation, etc. to start from scratch, but would really appreciate it if someone could give me pointers or a head start and then invest time on this.





did you try looking with that enormous Google machine?


the first link has code for POV with Arudino..



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Here's some of my Arduino POV stuff

The link that Daniel mentioned (http://i.document.m05.de/?p=127) is what I based my stuff on. I found the hardest thing to do physical setup.

Let me know if you need any help.

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