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I love it lol....


I thought that was pretty funny! My wife says "That's such a guy thing!"
Course, she's never opened a beer in a locker room using the end of a hockey stick either 8)
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she's never opened a beer in a locker room using the end of a hockey stick either
Nor drunk 95% rectified spirit simply because you run out of regular vodka   8)


Works better than the bumper of a '49 Dodge!

Matt Elias


My '49 Dodge blinked, too.  I had to install aftermarket turn signals to get it licensed.  :D


Raise funds through kickstarter.com and create your own company to market the product worldwide
Please rush before somebody steal this great idea   ;) ;) ;)


Looks promising...
With  arduino and Midi- WAV- or MP3 it's possible  to make music / Rock&roll.
Looking at opening beer-, brewery-,  distillery- and hydroponics-projects, we now also got the drugs-part covered.

But... aren't we still missing a very important part ? :)


Well, beer tastes like ..... But to open a Coca cola bottle you sometimes need a little ingenuity or imagination. When I was young and desperate I found out that a drawers handle was just the tool made for this.



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