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Yes, but I am not entirely sure why he elected to use HID as a serial device...
Going the HID route means the device will not appear as a standard serial COM port, so you can't use the standard serial monitor to send and receive values.

Using keyboard HID allows debugging using and character capture device such as Notepad.  My implementation examples based on rancidbacon's V-USB library:
http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=135623.0. It just seem if one is debugging, that a Java app just to mimic Notepad is a bit overkill.

The other concern is that the design calls for a 12 MHz xtal instead of the common 16MHz, so integrating with standard Arduino designs will require some additional changes in thee V-USB code.

I'm sure I am missing some hugely powerful benefit or something!

Ray B.


The V-USB can be clocked with 12 MHz, 15 MHz, 16 MHz or 20 MHz crystal or from a 12.8 MHz or 16.5 MHz internal RC oscillator.
I think the author claims as the benefits: using USB for serial console without a need for an USB/Serial converter chip, and, bootloading as well. The V-USB is used in USBASP programmer for example, afaik.

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