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Good evening, I'm writing a code for the new intel Galileo, that makes a datalog of the values read from the ADC. I am checking the operation of the SD card and I noticed that the library arduino does not work. The library was mentioned at the beginning of the code, but DO NOT turn orange, the commands that refer NOT change color and finally the sketch that worked with Arduino ethernet, does not work now. I used the library that is located in the ide that I downloaded directly from the website of intel and then I've installed and setted correctly. Someone is able to help me, or this is probably a bug, being a brand new product?

thank you very much


Hello Giangegnere,
I don't see yet here in the forum a dedicated topic for the new Intel Galileo motherboard in the Products board. Thus, I would recommend you to post this same question about your issue with SD datalog of ADC values to the Intel support community.

There are lots of Intel Makers and external Makers (Arduino/Atmel) keeping an eye on the Galileo support forum, and you might find answers quicker there than waiting here. Just a thought. Regards!


Just so folks know this is a known problem with the IDE still (as of Feb 2014)


Once you get the library working there will still be a problem with creating a file in the usual way.


I've created a sketch to help with troubleshooting here:


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