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I try to use the library "PS2Keyboard" with a freeduino v1.16 and a MiniDIN 6-Pin Connector from Sparkfun.

I connect the miniDIN to the freeduino like this

I use this code (from exemple) :
Code: [Select]
#include <PS2Keyboard.h>

const int DataPin = 8;
const int IRQpin =  5;

PS2Keyboard keyboard;

void setup() {
 keyboard.begin(DataPin, IRQpin);
 Serial.println("Keyboard Test:");

void loop() {
 if (keyboard.available()) {
   // read the next key
   char c = keyboard.read();
   // check for some of the special keys
   if (c == PS2_ENTER) {
   } else if (c == PS2_TAB) {
   } else if (c == PS2_ESC) {
   } else if (c == PS2_PAGEDOWN) {
   } else if (c == PS2_PAGEUP) {
   } else if (c == PS2_LEFTARROW) {
   } else if (c == PS2_RIGHTARROW) {
   } else if (c == PS2_UPARROW) {
   } else if (c == PS2_DOWNARROW) {
   } else if (c == PS2_DELETE) {
   } else {
     // otherwise, just print all normal characters

Problem : When i upload the code, i just gest the message "Keyboard Test:" in the serial console  and 3 dels of the keyboard once flash (as when we start a pc). That's all...

Any idea of the problem ? Is-there a problem between my connector and my freeduino ?

Thanks in advance  


Thank you richard, i will try to be clearer with this schema :

And this is the example schema of the library :

Ground and +v are OK because  3 dels of the keyboard once flash (as when we start a pc).

Any ideas ?


@Richard Crowley At the bottom of you page http:// http://www.arduino.cc/playground/Main/PS2Keyboard, there is a link to the latest version of this library "EDITED AGAIN - Actually mostly rewritten - Version 2.0" : http://www.pjrc.com/teensy/td_libs_PS2Keyboard.html ;

I try with this library from the begining...  

On the wiki page, thez say : "The PS2Keyboard library uses one of the two available external interrupts to react on keyboard input. Once such input is received, it's stored in a one-byte buffer and is available to be read."

There is a special PIN on arduino board for interrupt ? Or any digital PIN ?



Finnaly, i use this version :

Download with example code from this link: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=MN6A8JC0

It's works, but the keymap is wrong with my azerty keyboard.

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