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When I try compile I have  a conflict between the libraries  <ArduinoRobot.h> & <Servo.h> (both originally delivered with the IDE)

Robot_Control\Melody.cpp.o: In function `__vector_17':
C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\libraries\Robot_Control/Melody.cpp:7: multiple definition of `__vector_17'
Servo\Servo.cpp.o:C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\libraries\Servo/Servo.cpp:103: first defined here

I am a noob. Is it advisable to modify the libraries?

Is there an easier solution?



I don't know if what I have said above is a result of that I have not sufficient knowledge or I relied upon a project whose drips are larger than the umbrella that I have :( . I posted in the Spanish forum and sent private messages to forum members which I think may have some involvement in the project  Arduino Robot and nobody answered me.

I found the description of the same problem  in third forums but not the solution. I will continue to advance as possible but I want to record as "notice to mariners" in case anyone happens the same.


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