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Okay, coming back to the anemometer by the use of the components of an old ball-based mouse, it will be possible to adapt this idea to measure the RPM of the anemometer, following the idea and sketch proposed in this instructable:


I think that we could have a lot of fun with this project.


I'm definately thinking a quadrature encoder (aka rotary encoder). One can be salvaged from the scrollbutton of a PC mouse. OR perhaps better for your purpose you can make one yourself.


Hi Aniss1001,

I have a very old mouse recovered from the garbage bin without some component, so i am not so worry about to kill the mouse. But i agree with you that is better to do your own. Thanks for the link, i think that i will go through it to develop my anemometer.


I'm definately[sic] thinking a quadrature encoder (aka rotary encoder).

Strictly speaking you don't need a quadrature encoder, as an anemometer only spins in one direction (and wind speed is a scalar quantity), you just need an interrupter of some description.


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The anemometer in my 1-wire weather station has a reed switch and a magnet. The roughest part to solve is having a GOOD bearing on the spinning element that will stand up to the elements year in year out.

It looks like I count 2 pulses per revolution... I'm not sure you need something more complicated.  A mouse interrupter would provide way more sensitivity than you need if you want to count revolutions that translate to Miles per Hour wind speed.

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