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Yeah, the idea to use the mouse dispositive is to translate it later from RPM to m/h or km/h. But i am in agree with you that this is only if you need something more accurate.


madepablo, I am not sure what meant by:-

Okay, coming back to the anemometer

After my post. It was a link to my anemometer I posted.

Many of these were made at the time. I even heard of one being calibrated in the wind tunnel of British Aerospace. Several hundred were made and I got lots of good feedback. It was very low cost and used just on opto slot detector. I even sold on to a person in Greenland!
I don't sell the bits any more but it uses the system of brass tubes and rods you get in model shops.


I just got a simple wheel encoder up and running using a 2$ IR sensor (qrb1134)...

It actually works ;)


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Please, don´t understand bad. Your project with the anemometer (as well as others of your projects that i saw in this forum) are great and provide a huge background and useful experience for the novices such as myself.

When i said coming back to the anemometer... "by the use of a ball mouse", i was coming back to talk about the use of this components started in previous posts. I was not trying to say that your anemometer was bad or not useful. I am sure that your system is really proffesional meanwhile this one that i have on my by the use of an old ball mouse is a simple, not accurate, and for sure not so valid. But i have not experience on electronics, so this is an starting point to learn about sensors an electronics.

So, please, don´t believe that i was trying to discard your device, just only providing other information and other ideas. If what i wrote sound bad to you, i am sorry, but it was not my intention. May be it could be cause because my very bad english (it is not my native language).

So, thanks for your comments and ideas in this an other posts. Please follow sharing your experience with us.



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