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Topic: Can the Due run 12C at High Speed (3.4M)? (Read 956 times) previous topic - next topic


I know that the Uno is limited to running at the Standard speed of 100K (and have heard some discussion of cranking it up to 400K).  I am hoping that the Due can support higher speeds because of it's much faster clock speed, but have found no indication that this would be the case.  Anyone know for sure?


Yes, the Due can handle 400KHz I2C.
You can change the default 100K by editing Wire.h, located in ...\arduino-1.5.4-r2-windows\arduino-1.5.4\hardware\arduino\sam\libraries\Wire
Code: [Select]

// TWI clock frequency
static const uint32_t TWI_CLOCK = 100000;

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