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Author Topic: Static electricity? Fried board?  (Read 443 times)
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Dear forum

I'm experiencing strange behaviour nomatter what program I test. To keep it simple:

1) I upload the pushbutton example without wiring any external devices
2) I wait
3) The control LED instantly lits up! (I swear didn't push any buttons!)
4) If I touch digital in 3 (set up in the example) the control LED light goes out
5) Sometimes when I move around the table the control LED flickers.

What can be wrong? I'm really lost.
Carl Emil
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The digital inputs have such large resistance that if you do not tie them high or low with a resistor they will float in the middle. Their level will depend on how many electrons are trapped on them. This is easily changed by a static charged touch.

Wire up the switch and resistor and everything will be good.

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