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I am new to programming with the Arduino. I am trying to set up basic serial communication in the IDE but I keep receiving the error, "Serial 2 was not declared in this scope".
This is my code (very basic):

Code: [Select]
void setup() {


void loop() {

I'm thinking I'm doing something wrong with the settings. Can someone help me? Thank You!
I have attached a print screen image of the error.


I am not sure but it looks to me like you have set Arduino Uno board or other but the Due in the IDE. Please, verify your setting.

Tools->Board->Arduino Due  (Programming Port).



This is the settings that I have set. Is this incorrect?


Yes, that is an incorrect selection.

You need one of the two at the very bottom of the list in your screen shot, I always use the programming port which is the one close to the power connector.

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