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Bicycle generators are commonly called dynamos (at least in blighty) despite them almost universally producing AC. Its a misnomer, just like central heating calorifiers are almost universally called 'boilers' despite them most definitely not being boilers.

Driving incandescent lamps it makes little difference if they are AC or DC.


Problem solved, thanks..

i was a little confuse of the voltage of the dynamo, and it was AC,, so i did a rectifier bridge and a filter, so now works perfectly


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Maybe this is a language thing - in English, a dynamo is specifically a DC generator

Most foreigners - I think - are not aware of this. In the German language the term Dynamo is nearly exclusively used for the thing at bicycles.

In a more technical slang Dynamo would actually describe an AC generator, in contrast to Gleichstrommaschine which is explicitely DC (=Gleichstrom). In English it is vice versa: 'dynamo' is DC and 'alternator' is AC...

The term 'generator' is - in both languages - used unspecifically.

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