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I found out the TVOut library, and i just got shoked from the easyness of the electronic behind this and the smoothnes of view.
So my question is, why even considering using a display? Is there any cons that monitor has that i am ignoring? Considering a 128x64display costs 15€ or more, and a lowcost car monitor 7-10€ is there anything that i'm missing here? Let me know.

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I would say it depends on your application. Differences are
- power consumption
- CPU Load
- RAM consumption

128x64 displays start at $3.something (http://www.buy-display.com/default/128x64-st7565p-lcd-module.html)

You will also find very small displays for portable devices.




a lot of displays are also touchscreens these days, which is useful as your input mechanism.

TVOut is an analog signal, whereas LCD displays are digital and hence, pixel accurate (no bleed),

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Still, i agree it is good work and decent output using only a few io's



Yeah that's a display without a driver :(
Airsoft Video Projects: [url=http://arduino.cc/forum/index



Yeah that's a display without a driver :(

What do you mean by "driver"? This dispay has a controller with SPI interface and internal RAM. Sure, the charge pump requires some extra caps and soldering will be more complicated. Also, it is a 3.3V display, that might require a level shifter for some (probably most) Arduino Boards.



TFT touchscreens give you 16 bit colour and no CPU load, TVout 1 bit colour and lots
of interrupts flying around to contend with (an issue if you are doing lots of stuff in
your sketch).  TFT displays upto 480x320 are readily available on eBay, many of
which are supported by UTFT and the like.

TVout seems like a good way to recycle old screens though.  And uses fewer pins.
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