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FYI: there is an issue with the site/forum on http://www.arduino.cc when using Internet Explorer (on Windows 8.1). When trying to visit the forum (after logging in), the browser gets redirected to http://forum.arduino.cc/?token=tROeyYVyu4Afo5431I and then nothing happens.



I'm having the same problem with Windows 7 and Explorer 10. I have to use AOL.


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arduino forum stop working for me a few days ago. Solution is to add arduino.cc website to trusted web sites in internet explorer.


Nope, nothing to do with it.

Happens on most or all browsers, certainly on Firefox, all platforms.  Noted to happen particularly if computer is put to "sleep" - or presumably shut down - and restarted.  May be related to a "keep-alive" function where certain pages automatically refresh to determine whether users are "On line" - which clearly does not work in any case as most users are shown as "offline" even as they continue to browse successive pages.

Solution would be for the "broken" code with this absolutely stupid "token" garbage simply to be removed from the hosting software, but that does not seem to be about to happen any time soon.

The other major problem is the submission system failing to function and returning a page which until recently and with the most poignant irony imaginable declared itself as "Broken", apparently losing one's carefully crafted and extensive submission unless you realised that it was possible to use the browser "reload" function and "Resend" the posted data as many times as it takes for the system to work sensibly.

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