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BTW Something like this could be interesting/useful
(If your software doesn't let you monitor incoming MIDI messages directly).

Then, if you have any controllers already, you could spy in and see what kind of messages etc. they send when you twiddle knobs etc.


thank you for your response
On your site I found that MIDI commands besides note on and note off (which I believe was included in the lib) there are also Control Change, Program Change, Pitch Bend, Aftertouch and all that stuff. Has Control Change anything to do with MIDI LEARN? Because with MIDI LEARN examples I always see CC #number and CC=Control Change I believe
If this is what I need, how do I pass it through my usb cable? I believe I can only use Note on and off in the lib, but if it is possible to do it a different way I would really like to know

Thanks in advance,
masteRens :)


MIDI Learn can usually learn from any message type.

I've never used or looked at the library so I can't say about using them from that. But it's certainly easy enough to send CCs etc. etc. from an Arduino if you were doing it all yourself.

(The link I posted wasn't my site btw. Just something I bookmarked a while ago).


thank you for your reply
Now that I understand MIDI LEARN and I just need to find out how to send different MIDI signals, I was asking myself (and my pc) how I could make vinyl at my MIDI Controller. It seems not to work with MIDI LEARN, because it is not responding to MIDI signal. It has something  to do with Timecode i know, but I would like to know the signal it is sent in, so I can send it too. I want to send the computer my current speed. PS: It might have something to do with Input Thru or something similar

PS2: Just found out: What I want is a USB CDJ

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