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Hi guys Im going to purdhase this shield and I was wondering if any one that thas this shield could tell me if it leaves any free pins in arduino to continue attaching more sensor

Many thankssss ;)


Is it this one:

Contact the guys who make it!!!!
There is no info on the page



Yes exactly that one. I have contacted them but havent received an answer, just wondering if someone of the forum had purchase it before.
though by looking at the image It doesnt look like it leaves any pins free.
Many thanks for the reply ;)


If you looking at the original site of nuelectronics on this link you can see wich pins are used and wich not. I already use this shield on the arduino 2k9 and with seperate wireing on the seeeduino mega with modification on the libaries.

Unused are Digital 0-6 and the digital  Pin 12 and already analog 1-5
0x2B | ~ 0x2B = 0xFF  


Cheers Mate Im expecting my shield soon!!!! ;D


At the moment i´ve some problems by toogle a pin with an lowe frequency PWM on an unsued port. I think it ist a problem of the initalizing of the display contoller. I am on the "investigation" of these problem.
0x2B | ~ 0x2B = 0xFF  


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Can you tell me witch pins are used by the shield?

imagine, something like this

LCD Pin 8 - RES - RESET ---------------------->Arduino pin 6

I wanted to use it with a standart LCD, not the shield, but i'm not sure how to config the pinout.



You can use the pdf. to make your connection the important pins are the pins on J3 and the display up right.
0x2B | ~ 0x2B = 0xFF  


but i don't understande nothing on PDF, i don't know too mutch of electronics.

can you help me with pin out?

On my code I have:
#define RES   10 //pin10
#define SCE   9  //pin9
#define DC    8
#define SDI   7
#define SCK   6  //pin6

can you help how to change my pin connections so I will be able to use the same pins that shiled have to use the library.



#define LCD_RST PB1 // pin 9
#define SPI_CS  PB2 // pin 10
#define SPI_MOSI PB3 // pin 11
#define SPI_SCK PB5 // pin 13
#define LCD_DC  PB0 // pin 8
#define LCD_BL  PD7 // pin 7

digital pin 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,12 are unused
analog pin 1,2,3,4,5 are unused


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