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hello to all! im a newbie but i already built several projects using arduino . my next project was a 4 channel type k termocouple sensor termometer. and as i know there was a termocouple amplifier the max31855. but my problem is here in the phillipines i cant find any. can i used ordinary op amp to drive my termocouple. please help me and thanks in advance.


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How about this part instead?

Or fake it with differential input op-amp into an ADC.
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How about this part instead?

Yes, he can get that from http://ph.element14.com/. They can also supply the MAX6675.
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oh yes thank you guys i started this arduino thing just a couple of months and i realy enjoy doing my projects .thanks to arduino community you all guys really helps us . more power to you and god bless.


hi . ahm regarding on my project and i just want to expirement on op amp driving 4 thermocouple,  since i had a  week before i got  a  max 31855 . i already built op amp to drive my thermo couple. and i can display it on  lcd. i just satisfied with the results. my only problem is to have a two decimal point on the reading. can you guys have sample code to display 4 temp from four termocouple via op amp and must have at least 2 decimal point on the display. im sorry for my written english im not good at it. thank u in advance.

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