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Hello all,

I have been fruitlessly searching for a Carbon Monoxide sensor to interface with to provide readings in the 0-100 ppm range hopefully with an error <.5% full scale.  All the searches I've tried have just led me to home CO detectors or industrial CO detectors but I am specifically trying to find a simple electrochemical cell or head that I can use to build my own circuit around. If anyone has used one or could point me in the right direction I would be eternally grateful.  Thanks for your help.


Try a web search for the "MQ-9 sensor".


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It says range from 10-1000 ppm CO.  I need the accuracy in the near zero ppm range.  Have you used that sensor? Is it able to detect will from 0-10 ppm?  For what I'd be doing with it I would fire an alert at 5 ppm and an alarm at either 10 ppm or 15 ppm.

Edit: The other issue is the sensitivity to CH4.  I can't find any information on hydrogen gas sensitivity either.

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