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Hello everyone i was wondering which gps module/ kit would be good for making a gps guided robot.? i want to make a robot capable of navigating from point a to point b by itself but there seems to be a lot of modules for sale.
so far i have found:



The best way to judge a module is to see which chipset it uses and look for
chipset reviews.  One of those units definitely claims to have a backup battery,
which is definitely worth having (acquisition times faster from cold).

Sometimes you need an external antenna, that's an important factor.

Sometimes you want fast update, modules can be 1 update/sec, 5 update/sec, 10 update/sec,
typically, so check that spec.

But basically they should all be interchangeable if them speak standard NMEA sentences
(watch out for 3.3V v. 5V issue though).
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Thanks for your reply. i will definitely look into that.  :smiley-yell: Have you come across a tutorial about gps robots you highly recommend?
Thank you


What sort of robot did you have in mind ?

The main problems with using GPS for experimental robots are (a)  it doesn't work well indoors   and (b)   the random errors in position calculations of roughly 2-3 metres create a lot of practical difficulting in using GPS for small-scale and low speed applications.

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